BET Uncut

BET: Uncut was a television program aired by Black Entertainment Television (BET) during the early 2000's. The premise of the program was to show cheap, overtly sexual and borderline pornographic rap music videos. The nature of the shows content caused it to receive a TV-MA raiting, along with it being broadcasted at 3 in the morning. BET Uncut's content and imagery was strictly adult and this was part of the appeal and popularity of the show. The show aired on Wednesdays through Fridays at 3 a.m. est Though some of the videos are from well-known hip hop artists, most are from lesser-known artists, and the production value of the videos are often quite poor.

BET Uncut served as a medium for lesser known artists to promote themselves and their music. Rappers on major labels such as 50 Cent, Ludacris and Nelly used BET Uncut as a way to showcase some of their more risque or adult themed videos. The two factors that made BET Uncut so succesful was the cheap and overly sexual videos. The cheap videos added a sense of comedy as most of these artists music sucked or they tried to potray a lifestyle that viewers know was fake.


BET Uncut Controversy


The BET Uncut show always had its share of detractors. There were many people who felt that the show was poor in taste and was a tool to just promote women as sex objects. This came to a boil when Nelly released the most infamous video in BET Uncut history. The Nelly video, Tip Drill, was as raunchy and sexual as BEt Uncut videos came. You had women in bikini's dancing suggestively and the most infamous part, was the time Nelly took his credit card and slid it down a womans backside. There was a firestorm that started to brew as more people became disgusted with the video.

Nelly was scheduled to appear at Spellman college to promote bone marrow awareness. He was accosted with a statement from student groups from Spellman. "We can't continue to support artists and images that exploit our women and put us out there as over-sexed, nonintelligent human beings.... Our stand is not a heartless attack against Nelly, but it's opposition to the hip hop culture we helped create by buying the music and supporting the videos.

Another controversial Irony was the fact that BET Uncut was followed by the religious show Robert Tilton's Success-N-Life.


The Top 10 BET Uncut Music Videos

These are the top 10 BET Uncut videos. Some of the better ones are missing due to them not being available online. They are not in any particular order, but it is just a taste of what BET Uncut was all about.

#1 Nelly - Tip Drill

#2 Mighty Casey - White Girls

#3 Ludacris - Pu**y Poppin (Booty Poppin)

50 Cent - Disco Inferno

Joker the Bailbondsman - Club Hoppin

504 Boyz - Wobble Wobble

Joker the Bailbondsman feat Bizzy bone - Uh huh

Crazy Al Cayne - T & A

Precha - Wiggle It

Contraband - Wiggle It