What Channel is Cloo on Dish Network?

Cloo DirecTV

Cloo can be found on Channel 198 on the Dish Network Channel Guide.

Only 2 Dish Network packages carry the Cloo channel. If you are looking to get it, you will have to get either the America’s Top 250 or America’s Everything Pak.

If mystery is your thing, then Cloo is one of those channels that you need to check out. This channel will bring a variety of crime and mystery shows, where the case is always solved. Great channel and one tv lovers need to have.


  1. Margaret Stanlake says

    My family has the America’s top 250 and CLOO channel 198n is suppose to be on it. It was there 2 nights ago and now you can not find it anywhere. Where did channel 198 CLOO go and why????

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