If you are a person who loves entertainment from the comfort of your home, then DIRECTV is the best choice for movies, television shows, sports, music and much more. They are the industry leader in quality and value for your money, and you get to experience the most HD channels, as well as exclusive access to the extremely popular NFL Sunday Ticket.

If you are new to DirecTV or you’re thinking about signing up for the service, you can check out the different sections below that will highlight the different programming options that are available.

DIRECTV Channel List

are you having problems trying to figure out where a channel is located on the DirecTV guide, or you just want to see what channels are available in what packages, then you can take a look at this section.


If you want to experience a different kind of entertainment, then you should definitely take advantage of the wide variety of 3-D channels that are offered on DIRECTV. It’s a list of what’s available, as well as the different type of programming that is available. If you have a TV that is 3-D capable, then check this section to see what is available and if it is worth it.

DIRECTV Double Play

A pretty popular and exciting feature, find out how to use Double Play on your receiver and learn about the many different benefits that it gives you as well as enhancing your overall television viewing.


If you want to get to idea of the different sports packages that are available on DirecTV, then this section is one you need to check out. You’ve been to get access to everything from the most popular leagues such as NBA, NFL, MLB, MLS and tons more.

NBA League Pass – If you are a big fan of NBA basketball then this is the package you need to have. You will be able to experience all the league games for one low price.

NHL Center Ice

This is the ultimate sports package for hockey lovers! With NHL Center Ice from DIRECTV, you get access to the best hockey from the NHL. You get access to 40 out-of-market games a week, all in crisp and stunning HD. Aside from all the games, you will get access to the widely popular NHL Network. This is where you can catch interviews, post game recaps, analysis, classic games and much more. If you are a true hockey fan and have DIRECTV, then this is one package you are definitely going to need to have.


If you love movies then you are definitely going to want to subscribe to HBO. See what packages are available, the cost and so much more. A great investment.

DIRECTV International

There is more to this satellite system than people know. If you are looking to get access to international programming from around the world, then you can definitely give DIRECTV a try. There are stations from Russia, China, Korea, Brazil and more.

DIRECTV vs Cable

If you are interested in finding out how DIRECTV matches up with other cable systems such as Xfinity, Time Warner, Cox and more, then we have taken the time to do comparisons for you. It is great to see which system wins out and also get an idea what you are getting for the money you spend.

DIRECTV vs Xfinity – If you are looking at going this route, then find out which one wins out, satellite or cable. You will find great comparisons with the different packages offered, as well as channels, pricing and much more.

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