DIRECTV Double Play

Have you ever been in the situation where there are two interesting/important shows going on at the same time and you want to watch them both at the same time. In the past, you either had to re-watch one at a later time or record it on your DVR. Well, all of that is a thing of the past, as DIRECTV has the Double Play feature. This is a pretty cool feature, as it allows you to switch between any 2 programs or games that are on at the same time.

How Does DIRECTV Double Play Work?

  • When you are watching one television show/program/game, just press the DOWN arrow on your remote to enable recording.
  • Now press the DOWN button again to choose a different channel to watch and record.
  • You will not have the ability to switch between the two programs, simply by pressing the DOWN arrow.
  • You can now pause or rewind whichever program you want, you will always be in the action.

The DIRECTV DoublePlay feature is only available if you have R22 DVR (or later) or an HR20 HD DVR (or later).

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