What Channel is VH1 on Dish?

VH1 on Dish NetworkVH1 can be found on Channel #162 on the Dish Channel Guide.

This channel is also available in HD (High Definition).

All of the programming packages offered by Dish carry VH1. You can find it in:

  • America’s Everything Pack
  • America’s Top 120
  • America’s Top 120 Plus
  • America’s Top 200
  • America’s Top 250
  • DISH America

VH1 was once known for being a music channel, but now it is the place to go for top-rated reality shows and other programming related to pop cultures. Some of the more popular shows include I Loveā€¦.series, Behind the Music and Celebreality.

VH1 still sticks to its musical roots, with their special award shows for Rock and Hip Hop (Hip-Hop and Rock Honors). In this show, the pioneers of the musical genres are honored for their contribution to the music.

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