What Channel is CNN on Dish Network?

CNN on DirecTV

CNN is channel #200 on Dish Network. It is also available in HD (High Definition).

CNN is available on Dish Network in the three main packages. It can be had in the Classic Bronze 100 and Bronze HD, Classic Silver 200 and Silver HD and finally in the Classic Gold 250 and Gold HD.

CNN on Dish Network is a station that provides 24-hour coverage of news as it happens around the world. It is the best source for complete or breaking news coverage. CNN has a wide range of programming that covers everything from news, sports, business and entertainment.

CNN was founded in 1980 and at its time, it was the first network to provide 24 hour news coverage. It was also the first all news network in the United States.

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  1. I do enjoy watch CNN in HD especially when there is a storm or bad whether disaster the crisp picture give you a good idea of how bad the storm is. As a DISH employee and subscriber I would like to add that DISH is offering HD channels free for life and we have also added some additional HD channels in are platinum package. You can get more information about this through the DISH Network website.


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