What Channel is USA on DIRECTV?

What Channel is USA on Direct TV?

USA is located on the following channel on the DIRECTV Channel Guide:

  • Channel: 242
  • The channel is available in High Definition (HD) and Standard Definition (SD).

USA is also available on the following DIRECTV programming packages:

  • Entertainment
  • Choice
  • Choice Extra
  • Choice Ultimate
  • Premier

How to Watch USA On Direct TV?

USA network is home to a lot of critically acclaimed original movies and series. It is a great channel to have and you have many different ways to enjoy this channel on DirecTV.

You will have the option of watching it live on television, however if you are on the go, you can stream, as well as record it with your DVR to watch at a later date.

On Television

If you want to watch USA on TV, just head over to the DIRECTV channel guide and enter channel 242. From there, you will be able to enjoy all the popular programming that USA has to offer.


The great thing about having DirecTV is that you have the ability to stream television on the go. You can enjoy your favorite programming on your phone, tablet and laptop, all from the click of a button.

Once you are subscribed to any of the DirecTV programming packages that carry USA, you will be able to stream it when you want.


Busy at work or just want to enjoy some of your favorite USA shows or movies at later date? You have the option of recording them with your DirecTV DVR. This allows you to enjoy your programming at a time that is convenient to you.

About USA Network

USA Network (Known as USA) is one of the most popular channels available.

USA’s popularity is a result of a wide variety of original programming like ‘Suits’, ‘Burn Notice’ and ‘Mr. Robot’. USA also broadcasts syndicated reruns of popular network television shows such as Law and Order Special Victims Units. The network also shows movies, along with popular sports programming, Wrestling (WWE).

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