What Channel is AMC on Fios?

What Channel is AMC on FIOS TV?

AMC is located on the following channels on the FIOS Channel Guide:

  • Channel: 231 (Standard Definition)
  • Channel: 731 (High Definition)

The AMC channel on Fios is also available on the following programming packages:

  • Preferred HD
  • Extreme HD
  • Ultimate HD

How to Watch AMC on Fios?

When it comes to watching AMC on Fios, there are different options available, depending on what you are looking for.

If you are at how, you can always watch it on the television, however, you could also watching it via the different streaming options, as well as recording it for a later time.

On Television

If you are watching AMC on the television, then you can just bring up the Fios channel guide and go to channel 231 or 731 to watch your desired program.

Stream AMC on FIOS

The FIOS TV app gives you the ability to watch AMC while you are on the go or away from the television.

If there is an episode of ‘The Walking Dead’ or anything else you need to watch on the channel, you can always stream it.


If for whatever reason you are unable to watch AMC at a given time or there is a specific show you want to watch a later date, then you can always record it with the DVR option.

All you have to do is set your DVR to record the show or movie that you want and it will be accessible to you at a later a date.

About AMC

AMC (American Movie Classics) is a channel known for theatrically released movies, as well their original programming.

The channel’s popularity has gotten a boost with their highly rated original programming, with two of the most popular television series of all time: ‘Breaking Bad’ and the ‘Walking Dead’.

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