Directv BBC America Channel

bbc-america-logoBBC America is the best of British shows on American television. BBC America provides a wide variety of programming from news, sports, comedies, documentaries and movies. BBC America was launch on March 29, 1998. In that time it has established itself as the premier station to view programming from across the Atlantic. BBC America provides shows such as the overly funny Benny Hill, Monty Pythons Flying Circus, Coupling and the Office to name a few. Along with side splitting humor you also get the hard nosed BBC World News. This hard hitting and to the point news is highly regarded as some of the best journalism in the world. You get a three-hour simulcast of BBC World in the mornings to satisfy that international news craving.


BBC America is found on Channel 264 on Direct TV. It is found in the Total Choice plan and other plans above it.

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