DirecTV Drps the Ball With Their NFL Package

The NFL season started cleanly last weekend, however after week 2, it seems that DirecTV may have dropped the ball. Many people, myself included were extremely upset. It seemed that people who had subscribed to the NFL Sunday Ticket package, as well as Superfan got an extremely bad deals.

If you tuned into a game that offered High Definition, then you would have seen screens that showed the 721 error code. Where was the game you asked? The code was all you say.

The DirecTV customer service line as well as twitter exploded as angry fans tried to find an outlet to vent their frustration. It’s been reported that some customers were kept on hold for 30 minutes with DirecTV customer services. Some people have even stated that they got hung up on after waiting so long.

With so many people complaining, DirecTV’s twitter sent out messages stating that individuals should try getting their receivers to send a reauthorization signal through the DirecTV website. Even though this was suggested, it did not fix the problem.

A message posted on DirecTV’s twitter account stated “We are working on the issue with SuperFan authorizations right now and hope to have an update soon.”

An update was released later and it stated that “We have identified issue with SuperFan — resolution requires a phone call. We know the wait is long right now…” . The main problem here is the fact that customers were calling the DirecTV customer service did not get any type of message related to the problem, which would enable some to calm down.

The final update from the twitter account stated that the  “SuperFan resolution being sent to everyone… should be in place by start of next set of games. Will not require a call.”. This excellent that a resolution was able to be found, however for people who shelled out $300 for this service, this is not what they wanted to hear. They expect things to work smoothly and properly.

This problem could have been handled much better by DirecTV, especially when it came to the customers. They should have had a recording up for people who were trying to reach the customer service. This message should explain what the issue was and that they were hard at work trying to fix it. The company should have also placed a message on their website, indicating what the problem is and what was being done to fix it.

In my opinion I believe that direct TV should get rid of Superfan. The reason for this is that all NFL games are in high definition and those people who subscribe to Sunday ticket are getting downgraded video. The only way to get the games in HD, the way it is being sent  anyway, is by subscribing to the Superfan option for $149.

Now if DirecTV wanted to charge a little extra to watch the games on your cell phone then that would not be an issue.

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  1. Wow yeah I would be upset if that happened to me. I don’t have DIRECTV. I actually have and work at DISH Network. When I see post like this, it doesn’t surprise me that the BBB gave DIRECTV a F rating. DISH Network beats DIRECTV in Customer Satisfaction according to ACSI.


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