DirecTV NBA League Pass

NBA League Pass is a must for any true NBA fan. It is a blessing like no other. As a true NBA fan my support for teams was limited to what region I was in. That meant that I would see the Lakers & Clippers and that would be the most I would get unless I happened to catch the Spurs on one of the nationally televised games, which resulted in a hope and pray game.

            With the switch to NBA League Pass, paradise awaits you. You are now able to see more than just local or nationally televised games. You will be able to follow your favorite team from any specific region. Do you love the Cleveland Cavaliers, yet live in Oregon? This will be no problems with NBA League Pass you will be able to see up to 40 NBA games per week that is out of your region. Your basketball fix will be alleviated by this wonderful choice of programming.

            Another plus with the NBA League pass is that on receives NBA-TV. NBA-TV is a 24 hour channel dedicated to nothing but NBA Basketball. You get everything pertaining to the NBA from updated scores, player profiles, game recaps and inside specials. It really is the dream station of any NBA Fan. Apart from all those wonderful products, NBA-TV also airs up to 4 nationally exclusive games including the playoffs. This coupled with detailed analysis makes NBA-TV with NBA League pass a must have for any Basketball Fanatic.

            The pricing is another plus with NBA League pass. At $189 this is a very small amount to pay for all the action that you will be receiving. Both Direct TV and The Dish Network offer the NBA League Pass for this price. There is also the option of payments. Direct TV offers 4 payments of $47.25 and Dish Network offers 3 payments $63. Whichever system you do decide to go with, NBA League pass is a must.

            NBA GAMES IN HD can be viewed on Channel 9466 at the 110 orbital location. Requires a subscription to NBA TV

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