DIRECTV Samsung TV Remote Codes

DIRECTV Samsung TV Remote Codes

Samsung makes some pretty awesome TV’s. Their LCDs, LEDs and Plasma are top notch and when you mix in the Smart TVs, wowweeee. If you bought a Samsung TV and wanted to know what DIRECTV remote codes will work with the remote, then this is the best page to be. Down below, I will highlight a bunch of codes you can use to get your remote to work with the TV.

This is pretty easy to do and if done properly, you should have everything running together perfectly in a couple of minutes.

The codes will work with your Samsung TV, as they are recommended by DIRECTV. If you have gone through the remote codes and they are not working, then I can provide instructions to program the control manually, or if you have one of the newer receivers, I can provide video how to do it.

5-Digit Remote Codes for Samsung Televisions

How to Setup the Remote to Work with Samsung televisions

  • Look on your DIRECTV remote and look for the “mode switch”. Move this over until it is on AV1
  • Look for the MUTE and SELECT button and hold down mute first and select after. When both buttons are pressed together, you should see the LED on the remote blink 2 times.
  • Input on of the 5 digit codes that I listed above.
  • See if you are able to turn the TV power on and off, as well as change channels and the volume.
  • If you find that the remote is not working, repeat the steps and try a different code.
  • Here you will enter one of the 5 digit codes from above.


How to Manually Setup the Remote

Those remote codes above should work and if done right, you should be able to control your Samsung TV with ease. If you find that none of the codes above work, then you could do the manual method to try and get the remote to work with the TV.

  • Move the “mode switch” on the remote until it is on AV1
  • Hold down the MUTE button and also press the SELECT button. When you do this, the LED on the remote should start to blink twice.
  • Punch in code 991 and then the code # for your device. 1 for TV’s, 2 for “AUX 1” devices such as DVDs or VCrs, 3 for “AUX 2” devices such as Audio.
  • Once that is in, you will have the ability to do a manual scan to find the right code for your TV.
  • Keep pressing the Channel Up button until you see the TV turn off.
  • If the TV goes off, then use the remote and see if you are able to control the TV.
  • If the TV works properly with the remote code, you can press the “Select” key to lock it in.

Use the DIRECTV On-Screen Menu

There are some new DIRECTV receivers that will help you to get the remote working with your TV. If you want to use this method, then watch the video below.

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