Directv Spanish Programming

Direct TV offers some of the best Spanish programming available on satellite television.  Spanish viewers are able to enjoy up to 55 Spanish-language channels, some which may be English–language broadcast channels with alternate Spanish audio. Along with the Spanish package, you also receive up to 250 regular channels.





The 1st package that Direct TV offers is the SELECCIÓN EXTRA™. This includes 60 channels of premier programming. Viewers have access to over 35 Spanish stations and 25 regular


SELECCIÓN MÁS™ You have access to all the Spanish stations along with 100 channels of regular viewing.


SELECCIÓN ULTRA™ You have access to all the Spanish stations along with 200 quality channels


SELECCIÓN PREMIER™ Enjoy the biggest and best Spanish-language package DIRECTV has to offer! SELECCIÓN PREMIER™ package includes all the usual favorites, plus over 30 premium movie channels, more than 25 specialty and regional sports networks with SPORTS PACK and 70 XM Satellite Radio channels. Plus, you’ll get Spanish–language locals in many markets.

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