DIRECTV 3D Channels

If you have not had the chance to experience DIRECTV 3D, then you are missing out on some really cool and innovative entertainment. I was a big skeptical at first about 3D TV on a whole, but once I watched a few shows, I was hooked and enjoyed it thoroughly.

If you are thinking of getting DIRECTV 3D then I would recommend it, especially if you have a 3D TV and want to maximize your viewing options.

What Channels Are Available?

While there are tons of channels available for regular DIRECTV, right now there are only 3 that deliver 3D content. This may not sound like a lot, but these three channels can provide more than enough content that will not only have you entertained, but also in awe. These channels will be able to deliver everything from sports, movies, documentaries and TV shows

3net – 3net is a channel that exclusively broadcasts 3D content. It is a joint venture between Discovery Communications, Sony and IMAX. You will be able to get 3D programming 24/7 and there is content there for everyone, especially the entire family. There is a lot of original programming from documentaries, TV shows, movies and more, all in eye-popping 3D. It is a great experience and at first glance, some of the shows might not sound interesting or boring, but once you start watching, you will enjoy the experience tremendously.

DIRECTV CINEMA– Do you want to watch the latest Hollywood blockbuster in 3D? Well you will have that option with DIRECTV Cinema. This pay-per-view channel will allow you access to some of the hottest new releases, as well as classics and highly rated flicks. What’s even better is that you can enjoy the cinema 3D experience right there in your home. So if you are having a movie night or just want to watch something cool in 3D, check DIRECTV CINEMA t to see what is being offered.

ESPN 3D – If you are a sports lover, then you will enjoy the programming on ESPN 3D. You get to watch a multitude of live sporting events all in 3D. Think about! Sports in 3D! That is something different and it really adds another dimension to what you are watching. You get to see some of the best sporting events in a way you have never seen it before. For sports fans, ESPN 3D alone makes it a great choice to have.

What is the Cost of DIRECTV 3D?

I know many of you want to know the cost of DIRECTV 3D.

Advanced Receiver Service – There is no extra charge to get the 3D channels such as 3net, ESPN 3D and DIRECTV Cinema 3D movies, but you do need to have the Advanced Receiver Service. This fee is $25 a month and free for 24 months for new subscribers.

DIRECTV Cinema 3D Cost – If you are ordering 3D movies, then you should expect to pay $6.99 per movie. $1.00 is added on to the current HD movie price, which is $5.99

Anything Special Needed to get DIRECTV 3D Channels?

You can check out the page on what’s need to get DIRECTV 3D. It goes in depth, highlighting everything you need to be up and running.

If you are thinking of getting it, you need to ensure that you have:

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