DIRECTV 3D Compatible Receivers

DIRECTV 3D programming is pretty cool and it adds a different level of entertainment to your television viewing. It is something that you or the family will enjoy immensely and it is very entertaining watching TV shows, sports and movies all in 3D.

What DirecTV Receiver is 3D capable?

To fully enjoy DIRECTV, especially the 3D programming, you are going to ensure that you have the right receiver.  Not all the receivers offered by DIRECTV are 3D capable. There are different receiver options available, depending on what features you are looking for.

At the moment only the DIRECTV receivers below will work with their 3D programming.

  • Genie
  • HD DVR Receiver
  • HD Receiver


Genie is an innovative and must have receiver, especially if you want to enjoy DIRECTV 3D channels.

So what is the Genie? Well it is HD DVR that allows you to experience programming on every television in your home, without the need for extra receivers. Genie also allows you to record 5 shows at a given time, so there is no need to worry about show conflicts again. Genie is also intelligent. It is able to suggest shows that you might like; based on the programming you have watched in the past. It is also capable of showing the DIRECTV 3D channels.

Check out some of the features below.

  • Have the ability to watch 2 channels at once either with Picture-in-Picture or side by side.
  • Get Blu-ray quality HD resolution.
  • Enjoy 3D programming.
  • Have access to thousands of movies and shows On Demand.
  • You will be able to pause and rewind live TV.
  • Set your DVR record anywhere once you have access to your phone or computer
  • Get real-time scores of any major game.
  • Watch Youtube on your TV
  • Share what you watch on Facebook and Twitter
  • Set your DVR record anywhere once you have access to your phone or computer
  • Easy search function


You will be able to enjoy 3D programming if you have the DIRECTV HD DVR. Aside from giving you access to 3D, the HD DVR has the ability to record whatever show you want at any given time. If you are a true television junkie and there are so many shows you need to watch and record in HD, well this receiver is up to the task.

See some of the features it has below.

  • Pause and rewind live TV for up to 90 minutes.
  • Have the ability to watch Youtube on your television
  • Share the shows you watched on Twitter or Facebook
  • Quick and easy search function
  • Set your DVR record anywhere once you have access to your phone or computer
  • Enjoy 3D TV
  • Get real-time scores of any major game.


If you have the HD Receiver, then you will have no problems watching 3D content. This receiver will also allow you to enjoy the full offering of HD on DIRECTV. It is a big step above the standard receiver and it is a must have if you want to fully enjoy television.

Some of the features are listed below.

  • Watch and enjoy the best HD programming
  • Enjoy 3D TV
  • Watch up to 1080i picture output
  • Have the ability to search for your favorite show or movie
  • Customize your channel guide
  • Get the scores of live sports when you want.

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