Directv A & E Channel

Arts & Entertainment (A & E) offers a diverse, interesting and at times stuffy view of television. The station originally started out showing television shows mostly related to the fine arts. These shows were in the forms of biographies, documentaries, and drama series. This is still the concept of A & E, however their programming has been expanded to include the ever popular reality show.

A & E has many popular shows that allow for brain food for the potent couch potato. Shows like its long running biography have become a staple of this station. Newer shows however are proving to be more popular, especially in the reality section. Airline, inked, Dog the Bounty Hunter & Growing up Gotti have all proved to be ratings beasts for this once ‘fine arts’ station. There are still many shows for the intellects who do not agree with reality shows. Shows such as Biography, Breakfast with the Arts, Columbo and American Justice still appeal to the core viewers of A & E.

A & E is found on Channel 265 on Direct TV. It is found in the Total Choice plan and other plans above it.

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