Directv ABC Family Channel

ABC Family channel is the station for good wholesome family fun. Kids can sit and watch for this for hours with no fear of guns or indecent language. The stations programming is based on how the station was originally created. It was started as an arm of the Christian Broadcasting Network and grew out of popularity until it was sold to Fox in 1997. Part of the sale agreement allowed the ever popular 700 club to be broadcast twice daily, once at 10 am and a repeat at 11 pm. The station was eventually sold to ABC in 2001 for $3.2 Billion

ABC Family has many popular shows that cater to the multitude of kids who watch their shows. Shows of reruns like   Full House, Family Matters, Boy Meets World and   Gilmore Girls allow for newer generations to enjoy the shows of their older siblings past. The newer shows also stay inline with ABC Family’s values. Shows like Falcon Beach, Kicked Out and The Brendan Leonard Show all bring in high ratings for this strictly family station.

ABC Family is found on Channel 311 on Direct TV.  It is found in the Total Choice plan and other plans above it.

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