HBO Cinemax Special

When it comes to the king of movie channels, HBO rules supreme. They are known as the best to do it and their programming quality is like no other. Even though HBO is the undisputed #1, Cinemax is a close second. This network also delivers some really great movies and it would be a win to have both of these packages.

Can You Get HBO and Cinemax Together?

There are 5 ways that you can get these 2 movies packages together on DIRECTV.

Get the Premier Package – Premier is the top package on DIRECTV and people who get this will have access to every channel available. This is geared towards people and families who enjoy television as everything is available and there would be no shortage of movies and TV shows.

New Customer Signup – DIRECTV has a promotion where it will offer not only HBO and Cinemax, but also STARZ and Showtime all free for 3 months for all new customers. It is a way for them to grab you by offering you the crème dela crème. While this is only 3 months, you can get an idea of what each channel has to offer and if it is something you will enjoy (I am pretty sure you will).

Be on a Lookout for Specials – Sometimes specials are run specifically for Cinemax and HBO. Be on the lookout if any are available, as you could save yourself some money. You might be able to sign up for one and get the other free for 3 months, or sign up for both at a discounted price.  Just be aware of what is being offered, before you go and sign up for both.

Call Customer Service – If you really want to see if you can get both premier movie packages together, you could call DIRECTV customer service and ask them if this option is available to you. If you are persuasive enough, they could give you both at a discounted price, but it can depend on how you approach this option. It is not a guarantee, but it definitely does not hurt to try.

Pay for Each Premium Package – You have the option of paying for both channels separately and you could have that added on to your package. DIRECTV states that if you get one premium package, the second one will be at a reduced price. While it does cost some $$$$$, you will be able to have both packages to enjoy as you wish.

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