DIRECTV NBA League Pass Broadband

DIRECTV NBA League Pass is a great deal if you are a basketball fan as you get access to so much NBA basketball at a given time. It makes it easy to never miss a game of your favorite player or team and you also get to see games that you would regularly see if you didn’t have DIRECTV.

You Can Even Watch Online

If you have signed up for this sports package, you also have the ability to enjoy DIRECTV NBA League Pass Broadband and Mobile. You will be able to watch live games on your computer at no additional cost. So if you are away from home, not by your TV or travelling. Once you have access to an internet connection, then you will be able to see all the games that are available through League Pass.

*While you can watch anywhere you have a broadband internet connection, you need to be aware that the relevant blackout rules apply.

How Do I Watch League Pass Broadband Online?

Once you have signed up for the DIRECTV NBA League Pass, you will get access to the online component.

  • You first need to activate your account by going to
  • Here you will be asked to input the League Pass provider’s name (DIRECTV), the username you signed up with at, your billing address and ZIP code.
  • If the system finds that you are not registered with DIRECTV, it will direct you to
  • If it finds that you are not registered for the service, the website will direct you to a signup page on

League Pass Broadband Features

The NBA League Pass Broadband has a ton of features that are pretty neat. It is a great selling point, especially if you travel a lot or will not be close to your TV.

High-definition games – You get to watch the games in HD (720p) and this allows you to see the action in an optimum video quality.

Replays of Every Game – If you missed a game for whatever reason, you will be able to replay it at the click of a button.

Watch up to four games at once – You will have the ability to watch more than one game at a time. NBA League Pass Broadband will allow you to watch 4 games at a given time, so you are never missing any of the action.

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