DIRECTV NBA Leauge Pass Cost

If you are an NBA fanatic like me, then you know DIRECTV NBA League Pass is basketball heaven. You essentially get access to over 40 games a week and you can basically follow your favorite team whether they are playing home or away (blackout restrictions apply).

So How Much Does DIRECTV NBA League Pass Cost?

  • $191.94 – One-time payment
  • $31.99 – 6 monthly payments

While the pricing may seem a bit high, you really have to take a look at what you are getting. There are games on every day; you get access to your favorite team and players. It is a pretty good deal, especially if you are a big basketball fan. If you were to go to a basketball game, you would be spending close to League Pass cost and that is for one game. Really good deal if you ask me.

Holiday Special

Sometimes there is a possibility of holiday specials being offered, where the price is reduced. You can save some money off the original price. For the past couple of years, the NBA League Pass holiday special allowed for $30 off.

½ Season Special

The half season special usually pops up around the NBA All-star break. Half the season is finished by this time and the DIRECTV NBA League Pass package is usually offered at half the price. If you want to start following teams as they prepare for their playoff push, then this is a great deal, as you will not be paying the full amount.

Do You Have to Pay for Broadband and Mobile?

You will not have to pay extra to access NBA League Pass on mobile or broadband, once you have your subscription through DIRECTV. These two services are free with your DIRECTV subscription and all you need to do is go to and activate to enjoy your ability to watch games on your tablet, phone or computer.

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