DIRECTV vs Xfinity HD

When it comes to the comparison of DIRECT vs Xfinity, one of the things people to want to know is which company has the best HD. This can be a make or break point, especially if you enjoy watching your HD channels and want tooo.

DIRECTV vs Xfinity HD Channels

Both DIRECTV and Xfinity offer enough HD channels for everyone to enjoy.

DIRECTV vs Xfinity HD on Demand

When it comes to the battle of HD on Demand between DIRECTV and Xfinity, Xfinity wins this battle easily.

DIRECTV only has access to 10,000 movies and not all of them are HD. With Xfinity, they boast 83,000+ movies and that in itself means that there is probably more HD content than what DIRECTV has to offer. In this section, DIRECTV definitely loses.

DIRECTV vs Xfinity HD Quality

Some people will say that it is pretty hard to tell what HD quality is better, DIRECTV or Xfinity.  There is a big difference between the two and DIRECTV wins this battle by a mile.

The signal that is sent out by the f the cable companies compress their signal before shipping it back out to you. Some don’t even get up to 720p.

Direct does not have this problem. It’s a pure signal and has FAR better quality than any of the cable companies will give you.

The only time Xfinity’s HD quality is better than DIRECTV is with local channels. Comcast is able to send the local channels directly, without any compression and this is why they look so much better than some of the regular channels. For local channels, DIRECTV has to recompress them from MPEG2 to MPEG4 and you will see a decrease in quality here.

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