Dish Network Barclays Sunday Ticket

Being on the other side of the pond will not limit the chance you get to see the top English soccer/football teams in action. No longer will one have to rely on alternate sources to feed your need. Barclays English Premier League brings you the likes of powerhouse Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal. Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur. You see the world’s best players in action in the world’s best league. The seldom highlights of games brought over sportscasts will now be a thing of the past as you are now able to see English football and not hope for a broadcast

Programming for Barclays English Premier League can be found Saturdays and Sundays on channel 799 for Direct TV. Dish Network offers Barclays English Premier League on channel 455 and 470 on Saturday (LIVE at 10:00 AM ET) and Sunday (LIVE at 11:00 AM ET).

The pricing for Barclays English Premier League is the best value out there considering what you are getting. Many options exist out there for the soccer/football fans that cannot get enough of the world’s most popular sport. Direct TV and Dish Network offer the full season for $299. Direct TV also offers a choice of 4 payments of $74.75 over the course of the season. Both satellite systems also offer the option of paying for an individual game. If you are only interested in seeing the big showdown between Chelsea and Arsenal, then you can pay for the individual game or weekend. Direct TV offer is $19.95 per game, while Dish Network offer is $29.95 for the individual weeken.d

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