What Channel is Cinemax on DirecTV?

Cinemax on Dish Network

If you are trying to find Cartoon Network on the DirecTV Channel Guide, it is located on channels:

  • 515 Cinemax East
  • 516 Cinemax West

The programming on Cinemax can also be viewed in HD (High Definition).

If you’re wondering what direct TV packages carry Cinemax, you will be able to find them in all 5; Entertainment, Choice, Choice Extra, Choice Ultimate and Premier.

If you are a big movie buff, then you definitely need to have Cinemax in your programming package. They have a wide variety of movies, from classics to modern blockbusters. Whatever you are looking for or interested in, you will definitely be able to find it on this channel. This is widely considered to be one of the best movie channels out there, so you definitely cannot lose with this one.

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