Is DIRECTV 3D Worth It?

So the million dollar question is if DIRECTV 3D is worth it? The answer really depends on who you ask. There are some people who absolutely hate 3D movies/programming and they think it is all gimmicks and a waste of time. There are the other people who really love 3D programming, simply because it delivers some different programming that they enjoy immensely.

These extra channels are worth it, especially if you are planning on making full use of them. There is a decent amount of content from sports, movies, documentaries and more. The great thing is that it is in 3D and that adds a whole new element to your television viewing. I am pretty sure for some of you, once you watch some programming in 3Dyou are going to absolutely love it and it will become a regular part of your viewing experience.

3D Channels

Right now there are only 3 3D Channels  available. While that might not seem like much, there is a tremendous amount of programming that is available for everyone.

3net – 3net delivers 24/7 3D programming with something for everyone. There are a lot of kids and family programming, as well as movies and series.

DIRECTV Cinema – The latest Hollywood movies are available in full 3D on DIRECTV Cinema. If you want some great movie magic, then you should give this a try.

ESPN 3D – If you love sports, then you can give ESPN 3D a try. Many sporting events are broadcast in 3D on this channel and it really brings sports action to a whole new level.

So What About the Price?

The cost is where a lot of people determine if DIRECTV 3D is worth it or not. To get this programming, you have to sign up for Advance Receiver Service. This service costs $25 a month for existing customer and free for 24 months for new customers. You may also need to upgrade your receiver if you don’t have one that is 3D compatible. If you are going to be watching a good amount of programming daily, weekly or monthly, it is worth it in my opinion.  You can spend more than $25 easily going out to the theater and watching a 3D movie. You get access to a great deal of content and you get to enjoy something that regular TV can’t deliver.

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