DIRECTV Double Play and Picture in Picture?

If you enjoy DIRECTV’s Double Play feature, then you know it is pretty awesome, especially if you following 2 different games or programming. There is really no need to keep flicking between channels, hoping you don’t miss the big play or something important.

While the option of switching between two channels, with the ability to pause and rewind is cool, the question remains; does DIRECTV Double Play do picture in picture? There are some who would rather see both channels on the TV at the same time, as opposed to switching between the 2. Double Play does not offer picture in picture, however, that feature is available if you have the Genie HD receiver.

To access PIP (Picture in Picture) on your TV, you simply have to:

  • Press the Yellow button on your remote
  • Select PIP from the navigation bar that appears on your screen
  • Select “On” from the PIP menu

You will now be able to watch videos

You can watch the video from both at the same time and switch between them. You can have them side-by-side or have one big and one small. You can choose at this point where you want the PIP window to be. In the example above, it’s at the lower right.

At this point when you change channels, you’re affecting the bigger (or left side) picture. To change the smaller (or right side) picture, press the {DOWN} arrow. That will swap the two images. The sound always follows the bigger (or left side) picture.

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