DIRECTV Double Play is Not Working

DIRECTV Double Play is an awesome feature and the ability to watch, pause and rewind two different channels is great, especially if you are into TV and have a bunch of things you need to watch at the same time.

If you are having problems and your DIRECTV Double Play is not working, then try some of the solutions below.

Check If you are Doing it Properly

Getting Double Play going is pretty simple, all you need do is make sure you are following the instructions below:

  • When you are watching one television show/program/game, just press the DOWN arrow on your remote to enable recording.
  • Now press the DOWN button again to choose a different channel to watch and record.
  • You will not have the ability to switch between the two programs, simply by pressing the DOWN arrow.
  • You can now pause or rewind whichever program you want, you will always be in the action.

Do You Have the Right DVR Receiver?

Double Play will not work on every DVR receiver. Please check if you have a R22 DVR (or later) or an HR20 HD DVR (or later). If you have anything older, then you are out of luck and you will not be able to access the feature.

If None of That Works

If all else fails, then you should contact DIRECTV customer service. They will be able to go in-depth with their trouble shooting and find out what is the reason that is causing Double Play not to work.

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