The big selling point of DIRECTV NBA League Pass is that you get access to so many NBA basketball games throughout the season. It is a great deal, especially if you are a fan of a team that is out of market.  This is something every true basketball fan should have if they can afford the price.

How Many Games are in HD?

The League Pass can be a bit on the pricey side, so I know many of you want to ensure that you are getting bang for your buck. With everyone essentially owning a HD TV, I am pretty sure you want to see games in full HD. So the question is, how many games are broadcast in High Definition? DIRECTV states that you will be able to see “99% of the games available in spectacular HD”. So basically every game you watch should look really good on the TV.

Is NBA League Pass Broadband & Mobile in HD?

Once you have signed up for League Pass on DIRECTV, you will get access to both the broadband and mobile services. has stated that games will be broadcast in 720p HD. The quality of the video receive will depend on the quality of your internet connection.

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