Is DIRECTV NHL Center Ice Worth It?

NHL Center Ice can be a bit pricey, but is it worth all that money? The question really depends on how much you are into hockey, the teams you follow and what you consider expensive for some great entertainment.

It’s Hockey!

If you are a hockey fan, then it is a no-brainer that this is worth it. You get access to so many games and you will be up to date with the players, teams and all the excitement that is going on in the league. If you enjoy watching hockey and not just one specific team, then you will absolutely enjoy this package and it will definitely be worth the money.

If you are working late and unable to watch the game, there are replays of the game you missed, so that is great. You also get to enjoy the super awesome NHL Network.

Do You Follow More Than One Team?

The NHL Center Ice will be worth it if you have an interest in other teams in the league. If you only follow one team and you live in the area where blackouts for your team take place, then you might want to reconsider getting it. People who will enjoy this package are those who enjoy following the entire league. If you play fantasy hockey as well, it is a great way to keep updated and actually check out your players in action.

See the Action up Close in High Definition

Yes there is nothing better than being up close and personal at a game, but one of the great things about this package is that you get up to 40 games in total High-definition. This is almost like being there and sometimes, some people enjoy watching at home as opposed to at a game.

It Costs as Much to go to a NHL Game

If you go to NHL games, then you can easily justify the price of NHL Center Ice. The cost of one ticket to a hockey game could almost be the price for Center Ice. Let’s not count parking, food, souvenirs and whatever else they can gauge from you at the arena.

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